Y's READING is a company headquartered in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, run by professionals with experience as diagnostic radiology specialists.
Utilizing IT technology mainly in medical settings, we provide a wide range of services such as remote image diagnosis services, AI solutions, and open laboratory operations.

I am in charge of logo design, web design, printing design for business cards, pamphlets, and posters, software UI design, photography, and art direction. The logo and overall design express the sincere and precise attitude of a company that aims for the healthy development of society and people through the comprehensive power of local medical care and digital technology.

Client: Y′s Reading inc.
Direction: H3
Art Direction/Logo Design/Design/Print/Photo: Jun Awano (Cryogenicx, Kaiteki)
Programming: Akira Shimizu (FOCUS LIGHT)


Y's READINGは、熊本県熊本市に本社を構え、放射線診断専門医としての経験を持つプロフェッショナルが活動する企業。