HAKKOBLANC is the world's first water-soluble beauty serum developed with a combination of sake-derived rice fermentation extract and CBD, aiming to achieve "more beautifully radiant skin from today." By blending high concentrations of rice fermentation extract and CBD, it supports the skin's natural renewal process. The rice fermentation liquid maintains moisture and elasticity, while CBD oil provides a gentle relaxing effect, supporting the overall health of the skin.

I am responsible for the logo design, package design, and art direction. The logo design, symbolizing CBD oil, emphasizes the stems and seeds of the hemp plant, visually expressing the unique features of the product. The handcrafted logo type aligns with the product's concept, conveying a bright and light-hearted impression. The package design emphasizes transparency and cleanliness, with a focus on evoking associations with rice fermentation extract.

Client: IN STEP Corporation
Art Direction/Logo Design/Package Design: Jun Awano (Cryogenicx, Kaiteki)