Website update for architecture firm MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd.
Based on the key phrase "We design for and about people." I proposed creating special features focused on the users, rather than the architecture.
The finished product shows how architecture shapes people's lives, how it supports people and communities.
I was responsible for the entire project, including site design and site building, user interface, design, and photography.

Client: MHS Planners, Architects & Engineers Ltd.
Direction/WEB Marketing: HiGH CONCEPT Inc.
Direction/Design/Photo: Jun Awano (Cryogenicx, Kaiteki)
Programming: Akira Shimizu (FOCUS LIGHT)
Writing: Fridge Inc., Flick Studio Inc.

"人に寄り添う。" をキーワードに、建築にフィーチャーするのではなくユーザーに焦点を当てた "特集" を提案。