TRUNK has opened TRUNK (HOUSE) in Kagurazaka.
Based on the concept of "TOKYO SALON", a 70-year-old building that was once a high-class Japanese restaurant was renovated into a stand alone boutique hotel, retaining the original exterior.
The conceptually rich philosophy has been incorporated into the website. Responsible for web design.

Photo: Taro Mizutani

Client: TRUNK Co., Ltd.
Direction: Junji Takahashi (Qlip Co., Ltd.)
Technical Direction: Keita Hiroshige (Qlip Co., Ltd.)
Design: Jun Awano (Cryogenicx, Kaiteki)
Programming: Yoshinobu Imamura

"TOKYO SALON" をコンセプトに、築70年元料亭の建物を外装を残し、⼀軒家のブティックホテルへと改装。