The SOUND SWIPE iPhone app, an intuitive music game that allows the user to swipe the screen in tune with the music.
Tracks from artist KEN ISHII were used, with the work produced from the ground up under the HADOU team name.

Direction: HiGH CONCEPT Inc. (HADOU)
App Programming: Atsushi Terada (Anagram inc., HADOU)
Design: Jun Awano (Cryogenicx, Kaiteki, HADOU)
Technical Support : Keiichi Hasegawa (Mental Position Inc., HADOU)

音楽に合わせて画面をスワイプする、新感覚の音楽ゲーム "SOUND SWIPE" iPhone App。
アーティスト "KEN ISHII" の楽曲を採用して、全てオリジナルで "HADOU" 名義のチームにて制作。